Конверты для сканирования Brother CS-A3301

(2 шт. в упаковке)


Предназначен для использования с настольными документ-сканерами Brother ADS-2200 и ADS-2700W.

Комплект представляет собой набор из двух конвертов в упаковке.

Ресурс конверта-500 операций.

Связанные устройства

Больше информации о модели

Carrier sheets are reuseable transparent folders that are ideal for housing and protecting fragile or irregular shaped documents (or folded A3) as they pass through the scanner. They can be used to hold multiple objects (such as grouped expense receipts) before passing through in one batch.

The CS-A3301 contains 2 carrier sheets in the pack and has been made for the ADS-2200 and ADS-2700W document scanners.

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